311 Gough-Stewart

The home that now sits at 311 South Adams. This home most likely post-dates the Gough home on the lot.

The home at 311 South Adams in 2013. This home is most likely the Gough home. 2013.

Living at 311 South Adams Street in 1900 were Daniel Gough, his wife, born Mariah Stewart, and their ten-year old daughter, Ozzie. Daniel was born in what is now West Virginia around 1855. In 1861 they are in Chatham, Ontario.

The 1870 US Census finds him living with his widowed mother Mary, his older brothers Thomas and James and younger brother George in Woodbridge Township, Hillsdale County near the border with Ohio. The boys were then working on local farms. Ten years later, the four brothers are living in Manchester, Michigan and operating a well-digging business in Washtenaw County.

By the mid-1880s, local directories find Daniel and his brothers living in Ypsilanti. He married Mariah Stewart. Mariah was born to David Stewart, of Kentucky, and Mariah Ryan, of  Virginia, in Chatham around 1860. Together David and Mariah had three children, only one of which lived until adulthood. David eventually became a janitor at the Michigan Central Rail Road depot. They both died sometime after 1920.

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