418 Roper-Jones


The lot at 418 in 2013 where the Chester Roper home once stood.

Living at 418 South Adams is Chester Roper and his wife Minnie Jones. He is the brother of Mary J. Hamilton of 117 South Adams and probable nephew of Charlotte Roper, across the street from him at 409 South Adams. Chester was born in Canada in 1857.

Chester’s father, Henry, was born in 1808 in Virginia and located to Wayne County, Indiana, home to Richmond abolitionist Levi Coffin as well as a black community called the Weaver Settlement, by 1850. After the passage of the Fugitive Slave Act, the family relocated to the area around Chatham, Ontario where they would live until the 1890s when many Ropers moved to Ypsilanti.

Chester lived in Toledo in 1892 and Detroit in 1896. That same year he married Minnie Jones, born in 1879 in Michigan. Chester, also known as Manchester, was the coachman for the Quirk family in Ypsilanti for a time.

Minnie Jones was born in Ypsilanti to Adeline Butler and Arthur Jones, both born in Virginia in the 1840s. Her mother died in Ypsilanti in 1913, her father in 1904.

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