Detroit Plaindealer

Courtesy Burton Historical Archive.

Courtesy Burton Historical Archive.

Detroit Plaindealer

The Plaindealer was an African American newspaper published in Detroit, Michigan from 1883-1894 and edited by Robert Pelham Jr. Many of the weekly issues had columns devoted to black communities as far away as the Dakotas, but mainly from Michigan, Canada and Ohio. Ypsilanti was well represented in its pages. Even though it published for only a brief time, its pages are a trove of information on the lives of Ypsilanti’s black community, all but ignored in the city’s white-run press.

From the Michigan Manual of Freedmen's Progress, 1915.

From the Michigan Manual of Freedmen’s Progress, 1915.

Below are the weekly Ypsilanti columns (and some of Ann Arbor) covering the years 1888-1893. Each page carries a different week. Click on any thumbnail to open a slide show and see a larger image.

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